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                      Human Resources
                      Three principles of employment in Risun group
                      The growth and improvement methods for Risun employees
                      “Macro-view on talent” of Risun Group

                      Three principles of employment in Risun group

                      Scientific responsibility and position

                      Scientific assessment mechanism

                      Strict system of rewards and punishments

                      The employeesarethe sources of value creation in Risun group. Risun group are always adhering to the "employees first" concept, focusing on virtue, diligence, ability, following the three principles on talent use:

                      The first principle, the scientific responsibility and position

                      Risun group assesses talent by a comprehensive quality model, combining with other relevant factors, and arrange the right person in the right position, choosing their talent and use, determining their role in the process, so that everyone can do their best, obtaining their own areas, unifying their responsibilities and powers.

                      The second principle, scientific assessment mechanism.

                      Establish the strategic objectives for performance-oriented appraisal system: determine the goal of each department of the company on the goal decomposition layers based on the determined corresponding to various positions of responsibility; guide and balance performance appraisal index system, make full efforts, contribute to the realization of the strategic objectives of the company.

                      The third principle, strict system of rewards and punishments

                      Through the key performance indicators assessment system, the realization of the goalsdirects incentive rewards and punishments. Give spiritual and material rewards to those who contribute to the development of Risun group members. Risun group establishes a set of the incentive system which can effectively promote the implementation of the strategy, incentives to focus on those results.

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