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                      繁體中文 | 簡體中文 | ENGLISH
                      INVESTOR RELATIONS
                      Circulars and announcements
                      Financial reports
                      Stock Information
                      Analyst Coverage
                      Investor relations contacts

                      Analyst Coverage

                      (in alphabetical order)
                      Analyst E-mail
                      CITIC SECURITIES Zu Guopeng zgp@citics.com
                      ESSENCE SECURITIES Wang Yu wangyu2@essence.com.cn
                      GUOSHENG SECURITIES Zhang Jinming zhangjinming@gszq.com
                      GUOTAI JUNAN INTERNATIONAL Peter Shao peter.shao@gtjas.com.hk
                      GUOTAI JUNAN SECURITIES Zhai Kun zhaikun@gtjas.com
                      HAITONG INTERNATIONAL Liu Wei wei.liu@htisec.com
                      MASON SECURITIES Jasong Siu Jasonsiu@masonhk.com
                      ZHONGTAI SECURITIES Chen Chen chenchen@r.qlzq.com.cn
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                      Tel:0086-10-63701616  Fax:0086-10-63701860
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