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                      BUSINESS AND PRODUCTS
                      Operation Management Services

                      Operation Management Services

                      We actively promote our operation management and technology output services to third-party coke and chemical companies by leveraging our operation management capability and industry experience. Through dispatching senior management, skilled technicians, sales staff and other management members to third-partycompanies which commissioned us to manage their production lines, we help improve their production efficiency, operational safety and environmental protection capability. We also provides training on safety management and operational skills to employees of these third-party companies.

                      To date, we had entered into operation management and technology output service agreements with three independent third-party companies, namely, a state-owned chemical producer located in Shanxi province, a producer of coke and coking chemical products located in Henan province and a producer of refined chemical products located in Henan province.

                      The business model of operation management and technology output services will help us strengthen our leading position as on integrated producer and supplier of coke, coking chemical and refined chemicals, enhance our market recognition, develop new business lines and sources of income and enlarge our market share by incurring limited capital expenditures.

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