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                      ABOUT RISUN
                      PRESIDENT ORITATION
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                      The World’s Leading Energy Chemical Company -- Innovation Leads to the Future

                      “World” shows Risun Group’s determination to position itself and grasp opportunities in global industrial chain.

                      “Leading” mean to break through in science and technology and in innovation, not only for traditional industries. The way in which "innovation leads to the future" must be highlighted. The so-called innovation includes: innovation in business model, organization model and management model, research and development. It is not only limited to technological innovation, but also include system and mechanism innovation. This is the concept of “leading”, which refers to “leading” in terms of “innovation in research and development” and “innovation in institution and mechanism”.

                      Energy is derived from chemical means, instead of coal mining, oil extraction and electricity.

                      Chemical industry is broad concept and includes coal chemicals, biochemicals, petrochemicals, etc. We have the largest chemical recycling economic park in the country with the longest industrial chain, high added value and most advanced technology.

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                      Company address: Building 4, Section 5, 188 Western Road of South Loop 4, ABP Area, Fengtai District, Beijing, PRC, 100070
                      Tel:0086-10-63701616  Fax:0086-10-63701860
                      Copyright: China Risun Coal Chemicals Group Limited