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                      BUSINESS AND PRODUCTS
                      Operation Management Services


                      We engage in coal, coke and refined chemical trading. Our customers are mainly in the iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, coking and chemical industries. For our trading business, we have established an extensive sales network and a large client base. It expands our sales and procurement networks, increases our market share and enables us to tap into new markets, stay abreast of changes in both domestic and international markets and mitigate risks associated with the cyclical nature of the industry. It also ensure raw materials supply and sales markets for our newly-built projects and new production capacity, as well as reliable market research and exploration for our proposed projects.

                      Adhering to the concept of honesty and integrity, we have established extensive and lasting cooperation and win-win relationship with our customers at home and abroad, and we enjoy high reputation and brand influence.

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                      Company address: Building 4, Section 5, 188 Western Road of South Loop 4, ABP Area, Fengtai District, Beijing, PRC, 100070
                      Tel:0086-10-63701616  Fax:0086-10-63701860
                      Copyright: China Risun Coal Chemicals Group Limited